Current Developments

At GSB Summit CD, we are constantly on the look out for innovative ideas and improvements that would benefit our clients. We have introduced two brilliant audio re-mastering processes and a video protection system for the industry.



Digital audio sound recordings are generated commonly in 16-bit resolution with a sample rate of 44.1kHz. By using the GIPFEL Audio-Pro method, we are able to re-process the existing sound recordings by means of individual track equalization, leveling and increasing the depth.

The use of high-end dynamic processing sound cards is utilized to upgrade the individual sound recordings to create a 24-bit resolution with a sample rate of 96kHz. The higher sample rate and greater bit depth improves the sound, meaning sound peaks are less likely to be truncated and the subtleties of the music are less likely to be drowned out.  


This is a digital rights management encryption system for DVD video discs. The system, a licensed and controlled entity, would prevent any byte for byte copies of the digital video. We have acquired the license for this system in order to help our clients protect their DVD video contents from being violated by unauthorized users. 


The STEIGERN AUDIOPHILE method utilizes a custom made system to re-master existing 16-bit sound recordings to the higher-end audiophile range.

Created by master sound engineers from Germany, the system is comprised of individual high-resolution sound cards to process existing sound recordings to create a more coherent final sound.

The system uses a broad range of digital audio processing modules for mixing and audio signal processing. The modularity of the system allows a large number of different requirements, from basic interfacing; sampling frequency conversion, level controlling to optimum mixing, dynamic processing and equalization. The high-precision sound reproduction from STEIGERN AUDIOPHILE will optimize depth, ambience and provide distinctive clarity from basic.


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